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Crime Stoppers of Halton pays up to $2000 for tips leading to an arrest
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Great Tip Tips

There are no bad tips, but what makes a good tip great is detail!

When making a tip, please DO NOT give your name or address.

We want you to remain ANONYMOUS.

If you are the victim of a crime, we cannot guarantee your anonymity as Police require the victim's name to investigate. Please report your crime directly to police. You can report to Halton Regional Police Service at 905-825-4777.

When submitting your tip, please think of the 5W's and 1H.

Who? Where? When? What? Why? How?


  • Who is involved? Who is/are the victim(s) and/or suspect(s)?
  • Provide their full name, nicknames and/or alias they go by.
  • Provide their description: age, race, height, weight, hair (length, style, colour), eye (colour, do they wear glasses/contacts), typical clothing and any identifying features (scars, marks or tattoos).
  • Provide their employment or school information. Provide their schedule.
  • Provide their address.


  • Where did the crime occur?
  • Where does the suspect(s) live?
  • Name the city, nearest cross streets, and address.
  • Provide a description of the location.


  • When did the crime occur?
  • Provide the date and time.
  • Provide how long the crime occurred for or how long it has been going on for.


  • What type of crime are you reporting? (Please provide details)
  • What did the suspect(s) do?


  • Why did the crime happen? (Was there a reason for it to occur on a certain date and/or time?)


  • How did the crime happen? (For example if it is a drug crime, how does the dealer sell drugs).
  • How are you aware of the crime? (Did you witness it, overhear someone talking about it, etc.)
  • How many people are aware of the crime?How did you know to contact Crime Stoppers? (social media, website, newspaper, road signs etc.)

Remember you have 2 different options when submitting a tip:

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